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About Supply Chain Products

Supply Chain Products was established in 2004 by Brett Frey and Gerry Lisee. The main objective for SCP is developing real-time software solutions for distribution companies. SCP also provide consulting services for inventory management with a specific expertise in the Consumer Products Goods sector. Gerry and Brett have spent their careers using technology to create solutions that provide savings and productivity to Companies in the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia.

Gerry started his career in 1980 designing and programming software for Computer Assistance in Connecticut. He consulted with Manufacturing, Insurance and Food Companies developing solutions for each industry. Gerry went on to manage IT for Sweet Life Foods in CT and Affiliated Foods in PA. He joined OMI International in 1991 as VP Consulting Services. Gerry moved to Texas in 1995 to manage the OMI Dallas operation. Gerry was responsible for product development and consulting services for OMI from 2001 till 2003 when it was purchased by Retalix. Gerry joined Retalix as the EVP of Supply Chain before starting SCP with Brett.

Brett started his career in 1984 working for an international consulting firm where he was responsible for the creation of the graphical environment of a product which could automatically write COBOL programs. Brett next worked for a Minnesota grocery wholesale/retail company where he was the Senior Software Engineer responsible for tripling the functionality of BICEPS and the creation of PROMPT, the two products which founded OMI International. At age 24, Brett became Vice President of Installations at OMI. For the next 10 years, he was responsible for the installation and development of OMIís purchasing and financial systems. He left OMI in 1999 to form BalanceSys Corporation, developing software solutions using the latest technology, JAVA. Brett created the first product that SCP now markets named BALANCES. It quickly became the platform from which all of SCP products would be developed. Brett has built a team of SCP associates that are the best technicians in the industry and who are committed to building industry leading products utilizing the best technology in the world.

SCP's business has grown 15% each year since 2004. SCP is always looking for new associates for product development and consulting services. If you are interested in a career with SCP, please email your resume to Brett at info@SupplyChainProducts.com.

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