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All product & cost components audited

Missed deals automatically identified

Cost link groups

Global cost change

Split/Merge items

User notes by invoice, item and cost


EDI invoices automatically verified

DSD & freight supported

Unlimited cost components

Work-flow engines

Shorted deal & freight opportunities identified

Multi-level tolerances (favorable & non-favorable)

Buyer alerts

Discrepancy escalation


Increase productivity with automation and work-flow

Always get the best cost & payment terms

Recover lost deal & freight dollars on shorted product

Historical review of all invoices


JAVA technology

3 separate tiers: Presentation, Business & Database

DB2, Oracle or SQL Server

UNIX, Linux, NT, OS/390 or AS/400

Invoice Reconciliation by SCP

How do you handle large volumes of purchase orders, receipts and invoices insuring that you are paying the right cost? Is your current process too labor intensive? Retailers need an automated solution that allows them to manage by exception and quickly resolve any discrepancies.


There are many different improvements retailers can make to operate more efficiently. One area that has significant impact to a retailerís margin is invoice reconciliation. Many companies depend on manual processing to match invoices to purchase orders and receipts. Leading companies automate this process and use work flow engines to quickly resolve the issue and process the correct payment at the right time. If discrepancies are not found and correctly resolved, your bottom line will be impacted.


Balances was developed for retailers to manage invoice reconciliation more effectively paying the right cost at the right time. The SCP 3-way Matching Engine minimizes the manual review time while automatically routing only the discrepancies to the appropriate department for resolution. Invoices are matched or resolved and then automatically posted to the financial system.

Select Features of Balances

Tolerances.   Retailers can choose to specify tolerances depending on whose favor the difference is for, Retailer or Supplier. The tolerances can be defaulted at varying levels: Product, Invoice, Supplier or Department. You can have different tolerances for EDI vs. manual entry of invoices.

Split / Merge.   Split or merge vouchers to accommodate all situations that occur when processing invoices. For eaxample, one invoice was sent for product received on multiple shipments.

Routing & Escalation.   Any discrepancies in cost or quantity can be routed to the appropriate department for resolution. If discrepancies are not resolved in a timely fashion, the issue can be escalated to a supervisor.

Payment Terms.   The best terms are automatically selected from the invoice and purchase order when calculating the most favorable payment date.

Shorted Deals & Freight.   You donít have to lose those deals that the Supplier short shipped on your purchase order when the deal has ended. We automatically track any deal amounts and freight dollars that were short shipped allowing you to bill-back the supplier for those lost dollars.

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