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Automated notification and acknowledgement process between supplier and retailer

Provides support for non-EDI suppliers

Reduced workflow to buyers

Fully integrated with Balances Invoice Reconciliation


Increase match rates with supplier

Involve both EDI and non-EDI suppliers

Increase productivity of buyers

Reduce supplier A/R work-load by:

Automating matching of remittance document and payment to invoice

Provide supplier with a single document of all payments and allowances on a consolidated check

Eliminate re-payments


JAVA technology

3 separate tiers: Presentation, Business & Database

DB2, Oracle or SQL Server

UNIX, Linux, NT, OS/390 or AS/400

Interactions with Suppliers by SCP

Interactions takes Invoice Reconciliation to the next level gaining more productivity by drastically increasing your match rates.


Interactions is a Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) extension to Balances invoice matching which involves the supplier in the decision process. Interactions was developed for retailers as a collaborative tool in a controlled environment to manage vendor costing and quantities during the reconciliation process. Interactions was developed by SCP based on input and direction from our industry leading supplier consortium. Interactions allows your company to bring the efficiencies of Balances to your supplier network. When a discrepancy is identified where the cost or quantity being billed is greater than was expected on the receipt, the supplier is asked for a resolution prior to involving the buyer.


Interactions automates the time consuming process of communicating discrepancy resolutions to and from the vendor community with an automated collaboration process. When a discrepancy is identified, an email is automatically sent to the supplier containing an SCP module and the voucher data. When the supplier opens their email, a screen is presented with the invoice and the purchase order costs. The supplier affirms the correct price with a click and a response email is automatically generated back to our system. The supplier information is systematically incorporated into the reconciliation process which may resolve the discrepancy without needing to involve the buyer. Discrepancy review will continue to the buyer if a timely response is not received.

If a supplier does not have EDI capability, Interactions is used to accept a revised cost or quantity and eliminate the need for a paper invoice eliminating any non-EDI fees that would normally occur. On the check date, Interactions will send a single consolidated remittance document to the supplier detailing all of the invoices being paid, all of the deductions made to each invoice and all of the non-PO related allowance such as performance related bill-backs. This will allow the supplier's A/R clerk to easily reconcile the check.

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