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Capture rebates and performance data manually or through automated interface

Apply order, receipt, sales and scan data to appropriate rebates

Trigger appropriate accounting for any rebates that have ended

Generate supplier remittance document


Active Supplier Rebates

Concluded Rebates and Gross Margin

Suppliers Ranked by Rebate Potential


Manage rebates more effectively

Improve your bottom line through visibility of rebates


JAVA technology

3 separate tiers: Presentation, Business & Database

DB2, Oracle or SQL Server

UNIX, Linux, NT, OS/390 or AS/400

Rebate Management by SCP

Do you know how you are doing with your rebate performance? How close are you to meeting your supplier’s performance criteria? What do you need to track and collect your rebates?


Suppliers offer many different types of rebates to Retailers. These rebates are based on how much product you buy, receive, sell or scan at the store. Rebates allow you to capture those rebates and the associated performance criteria when the supplier introduces the rebate. Once a rebate is active, Rebates begins collecting the data required for each rebate from the Retailer. There are queries that the Retailer can run to view the status on any rebate.

After a rebate has met the termination date, Rebates updates the final performance criteria. A supplier remittance document is generated along with all the appropriate accounting transactions. Rebates maintains an audit and history of all rebates that are updated on the system.


Rebates allows you to manage the varying types of incentive deals that suppliers offer to retailers. Whether you already have a process of capturing rebates but aren’t able to manage the performance criteria effectively, Rebates can support your operation.

Select Features of Rebates

Capture Rebates.   Rebates can be captured manually or through an interface.

Rebate Start.   When the rebate becomes active, Rebates begins collecting all the performance data: IE. Orders, Receipts, Sales and Scan data.

Rebate Ends.   When the rebates end, the final performance data is updated and a Supplier remittance document is generated.

Accounting.   The appropriate accounting is generated for all rebates that have met their end date.

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