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State of the Art

SCP products are developed using only %100 pure JAVA technologies providing excellent portability. The framework has been developed to work with any major SQL database including DB2, Oracle and SQL Server. Our products are designed on a distributed 3-tier model with WEB presentation, business logic and database layers. All of our products are platform independent. If your strategy is UNIX, Linux, Windows, OS/390 or AS/400, our systems will fit within your current infrastructure.

Intuitive by Design
SCP products provide extensive display and selection capabilities. Our products have multiple selection criteria for searching your data. All selection criteria can be independently set and work in collaboration with each other. After you decided what information to display, you may instantly switch the sequence. Every screen provides reasonability limits for the volume of information being requested with additional pages just a click away.

Rules Based Workflow Engines
SCP products provide workflow based around intuitive rule based engines. For example, our Balances Invoice Reconciliation system allows you to demine when an invoice is to be considered reconciled based upon sophisticated tolerances established at a corporate, facility, department or vendor level and then which person within your buying, freight, traffic or warehouse departments should a discrepancy be routed for review. Your setting of parameters determines how our products work insuring your business process consistency while allowing management to customize our functionality.

Professional Services
SCP provides business consulting and 24x7 technical support exclusively for our clients. Every associate has extensive grocery retail/wholesale experience and is an expert with our products. Our clients have constantly given us excellent ratings on our quality of products and our professionalism to service.

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