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Real-Time Inventory Valuation

Manage quantity and cost for product life cycle

Generate corresponding accounting transactions

Maintain real-time history for query

Categorize inventory by type

Ad-hoc cost component update

Real-time interface audit on all transactions

Configurable end-of-day cut-offs for reporting

Floor Stock Protection

Capture allowances, price declines & late entered deals

Generate floor stock protection by vendor for buyer review

Manage floor stock by: buyer, vendor or product


Daily register for receipts, adjustments, sales & misc.

Roll forward reporting for previous 7 days

Gross profit & projected gross profit

Margin protection

Floor stock protection status


Increase productivity with automation and work-flow

Visibility into inventory levels and cost with extensive reporting and screens

Automated margin protection reporting with associated accounting

Gross Profit and Margin reporting


JAVA technology

3 separate tiers: Presentation, Business & Database

DB2, Oracle or SQL Server

UNIX, Linux, NT, OS/390 or AS/400

Inventory Valuation by SCP

No matter how much revenue your retail organization brings in, managing costs in a rapidly paced, high volume business environment is a key element in overall profitability.


Manage every component of product cost for each inventory layer, automatically. Trigger events (receiving, shipping, etc.) for each component of cost, automatically. Generate accounting for each event using your account numbers, automatically. Review actual gross profits generated by sales for each inventory layer. Review anticipated gross margins by inventory layer with current or proposed cost.


Always have a guaranteed margin for all your products. Access your entire inventory for Floor Stock Protection for all of your Suppliers. Automatically interface all of your legacy systems to Values.

Select Features of Values

Real-Time Inventory Valuation.   Track all your components and layers of cost and have your products valued for each event in your company operation.

Floor Stock Protection.   Generate floor stock protection for all your inventory based on price fluctuation and recent deal moneys.

Contact SCP today to find out how Values can help improve your company's margins.

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